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In September 2020 Aiveera has changed its focus from image searching major marketplaces to servicing local shops and suppliers located within European Union. At the same time Aiveera has become free for all once again.

With this shift we have introduced ability to browse for items in shops located in Netherlands. More shops from European Union will arrive at the second half of September.

We hope to serve more users by providing local shopping solutions, that can compete in price and delivery times. We have increased our product library to 25 Million Products located in the following countries:


Finally we plan to launch mobile app of Aiveera in October to accommodate those who shop via mobile phone. Chrome Extension will still be supported and updated regularly.

The 5-Minute Rule for Best Product Research Tool

The tool can help you get excellent reviews in short order in order for your sales to take off right from the gate. Additionally, it provides historical price charts for more than 18 million Amazon products. It also offers international support. Luckily, there are tons of great Amazon product research tools in the industry.

Ali Inspector software is quite much easy and easy to access you may learn it frequently. It is extremely easy to download the Ali Inspector software, many people thought that it’s a complicated procedure but it’s just a misconception as possible simply download it in a few clicks. Ali Inspector software isn’t a time-consuming practice. It can be suitable for the windows or Mac Pc so you can easily download it. It is the ideal choice for many people. It helps to save time which is the greatest advantage of using it.

Selling a high priced item may seem to be a fantastic idea and a number of sellers do nicely with higher-priced items But you should put yourself in the area of the consumer. Learning about your merchandise and doing a good deal of research before selling it, makes it a lot simpler to sell the product to an audience. Opportunity Score It will let you know how good of an opportunity a particular product. Your experience is going to be the leverage that helps sell your goods. Think about picking a product category that you’ve got actual expertise in using. New Ideas Into Best Product Research Tool Never Before Revealed

Selecting a product that has a good quantity of sales daily and possible add-ons is a good means to guarantee a lot of sales later on. Deciding upon a product which you are able to sell based on trends and seasons is a good way to maximize sales. Becoming passionate about your merchandise is also valuable.

The Bizarre Secret of Best Product Research Tool

When an item is more than $100, consumers will be more inclined to read more reviews, start looking for videos about the item and ask someone else’s opinion prior to making a buy. Provided that a product has a minimal price point and it addresses the individual’s needs, they are most likely to get the item immediately. Selling something that delivers no true price or difference from the competition isn’t a fantastic strategy.
When choosing a product to sell, it is essential that you find something that you can private label. What’s more, you don’t need to open every item individually one by one wherein you can just download the mages in addition to a description of the merchandise.

You also should make certain that the product you’re going to sell is a product which you can private label at low expenses. Locating an excellent product to sell doesn’t need to be a tough course of action. It is crucial to pick a superior product which you may make a great profit from because you need to remember that it’s important to get a fantastic profit margin for extended-term storage fees for keeping items at Amazon’s warehouse, hidden fees, and any other issues you may run into like
customer returns, etc.. There are some essential tips that you ought to know when locating a profitable product to sell on Amazon.

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to price your goods between $10 and $100. After that, take into consideration the manner in which you wish to sell your goods. It’s even more promising once you pick the correct kind of merchandise so that you are able to get more sales. The very best product to sell is an easy product which provides a remedy to everyday problems because a complicated product would require more income and time to find a person to make it. You may also view their 5 best selling solutions.

A Startling Fact about Best Product Research Tool Uncovered

The software product is known to assist you in rendering all the services as stated above. When you get prepared to get started selling a product yourself, with a click of the mouse, you will be able to detect the item on AliExpress so that you may begin making money immediately. Moreover, it’s very easy to use so that you can readily get the product of your choice frequently. If you’re buying a product that is $25 or less, you’re more likely to just buy it without doing plenty of research on the item first. When there’s something that sells well but is merchant fulfilled, there might be leverage to join the market using FBA and benefiting from the boost it supplies listings. Lastly, it is possible to view similar products. It’s correct that Ali Inspector is providing the best Research solutions.

Where to Find Best Dropshipping Tools for Ali Express

What Does Best Dropshipping Tools for Ali Express Mean?

There are lots of tools you absolutely will need to run a dropshipping website. Let’s move on to the search engine marketing tools that you could use if you prefer to find totally free visitors to your dropshipping shop! The tools below will assist you with your organization. Let’s move on to the tools which you can use if you wish to create advertisements for your dropshipping shop! Let’s continue with the dropshipping tools which you will need for email advertising! The second tool can help you with the item research on your dropshipping shop. My favored email advertising tool is ConvertKit.

After you set a shop and choose suppliers and products your everyday routine begins. Trust me you going to want a whole lot more than your dropshipping shop. Preparing a dropshipping store with WooCommerce is rather simple.

You won’t receive the best price, but the buyer protection and capacity to make single orders makes it ideal for dropshippers. Secondly, choose the person who is the fastest for the very best price. If you’ve located the lowest price of the exact item, you have probably already found the manufacturer.

For shipping, it’s dependent on the method you pick. Make certain you use ePacket shipping, however, as for some AliExpress sellers, it isn’t the default option. A tip with picking the proper delivery method, don’t always decide on the least expensive or the person who is totally free. As an AliExpress dropshipper, you can frequently offer you free or inexpensive shipping which permits you to remain competitive too.

Actually, manual drop shipping has some critical problems you should know about.
To begin with, the most direct solution to your question about the fundamental tool to dropship from AliExpress for a new dropshipping business is the software that may help a dropshipper automate his company. You may encounter new questions as you get started working on your new dropshipping shop.

Nobody likes the notion of disappointing the customer and with a tiny bit of expectation-setting, it’s possible to minimize that possibility. Luckily, among the very best thing about using WordPress is that it is possible to pick from thousands of WooCommerce themes. Don’t be concerned about competition your advertising strategy ought to be ready and equipped to pinpoint a distinctive target audience no matter how many different folks are selling the item.

Best Dropshipping Tools for Ali Express Explained

One of the advantages of Amazon dropshipping is you don’t will need to cover the price of a warehouse. One other great advantage of dropshipping is that you could test products easily. The biggest advantage of employing a credit card is that in case returns and refunds aren’t given or you get a bad product on AliExpress, it is possible to always file a dispute with the charge card business and request a chargeback.
If you’re selling products from several suppliers from various marketplaces, you might need multiple dropshipping extensions to automate the checkout practice. The next thing to do is to locate the merchandise you wish to sell on your dropshipping shop.

Also, you are able to choose to ship your merchandise from either the US or China. Proceed to AliExpress if you’re trying to stock up a number of products, but Alibaba is better if you’re seeking to wholesale a slew of products at the same time. Instead, utilize the vendor’s popularity for a signal that folks are buying the item and that resellers are content with the vendor. It can be hard to make a decision as to what products to provide on your dropshipping website.

The next thing to do is to click the very first few products that are comparable to what you’re looking for.
Starting a dropshipping business isn’t as hard as you’d think. Starting a dropshipping business is comparatively quick. At first, developing a prosperous dropshipping business might appear a challenging undertaking.

AliExpress It is dependent upon the delivery business you select. It’s possible to also get suppliers from different elements of the planet on Alibaba, but mostly from Asia. Well, then you first have to comprehend how to carefully choose the ideal AliExpress suppliers for your dropshipping shop. Every step you have to take to locate your self the ideal AliExpress suppliers for your dropshipping shop! If you obey the steps below you will discover your self the very best AliExpress suppliers for your dropshipping shop.

To modify products, manufacturers require a particular number of units to be made at a moment. They are all over the place looking to create custom-designed products or add little modifications. Now you’ve found a supplier, or perhaps even several. Even though it might seem so easy by just picking the least expensive supplier out there. Most dropshipping suppliers are in China. Reputable dropshipping suppliers are notoriously difficult to find. Hopefully, by now you understand how important excellent suppliers are.

Dropshipping on eBay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Find a Supplier
A successful dropshipping business on eBay boils down to quality customer service and a suitable supplier. You can select local suppliers or find wholesale suppliers online.

When choosing a supplier, consider the following key factors:

  1. What delivery methods does the supplier offer? Are there any expedited shipping options?
  2. How long does delivery usually take? Suppliers who cannot guarantee delivery times put you at risk of negative feedback.
  3. Will they ship worldwide or only to certain countries? You can limit your customer base without advanced delivery options.
  4. How do they conduct quality control? Poor quality can lead to poor reviews.
  5. Can you use their original e material s (photos, specifications, product descriptions) in your listings? Professional images and descriptions can boost your sales.

Once you have selected your suppliers, contact them. Let them know that you want to become a seller of
their goods, and ask about their policies regarding direct delivery (dropshipping) .

Step 2: The Select your products

This step can go before or after step 1, depending on how you want your store to be. Perhaps you already have in mind a specific niche or you may need to do some research to determine what is currently for sale.

Here are a few examples of the
best products for dropshipera on eBay:

•Print socks
•Bluetooth headphones • Organic tea
•Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes • Waterproof bag
•Sports bra
•Baby bag and others..

also, you can Find our os with these ideas for dropshipping which we explored for you.

Step 3: Set Up Your eBay Merchant Account

Setting up your account takes only a few minutes, but there are some important steps that many online merchants skip.

•Pay attention to the eBay seller’s information center, which contains useful links and recommendations for setting up your store.

•Choose your account name wisely. Crude or abusive usernames can push customers away (and violate eBay username policies), while smart or catchy usernames can increase sales.
•eBay may require a tax ID for seller accounts. A quick Google search will tell you how to apply for a tax ID in your country/state.
•Set up a payment method. These methods vary by country, but almost all merchants must have a PayPal account.
•Customize your profile page with details of your store and its policies, including shipping and return policies. Detailing your credentials can be useful for certain niche markets (electronics, makeup, and so on. D .).

Step 4: Create Your Listings

Using the information provided by your supplier, create eBay listings for each product. Factors such as prices, terms, auctions against Buy It Now, can be determined with a little research of products on websites such as eBay, Amazon and other major online sites.

Step 5: Management and Support

Now that you have published your listings on eBay, it’s time to make money!

Start building a positive reputation, doing your orders as quickly as possible, and weekly or even daily Refer to your supplier to make sure that everything is working as it should.

Removed Mayte Listings discontinued or missing goods and regularly replace them with new products.

Quickly and professionally respond to customer complaints and inquiries and do everything possible to create a positive experience that will strengthen loyalty and encourage regular customers.

Dropshipping on eBay: 8 Tips for Guaranteed Success

Dropshipping can be a great way to make money online, and for many eBay sellers, it is an ideal starting point. In this guide dropshipping on eBay discusses the challenges faced by the majority of dropshipperov how to deal with them and how to start a successful dropshipping business on eBay.

What is dropshipping?

Traditionally, retailers keep a warehouse of goods that they offer at hand, often buying the product ‘s wholesale price from the manufacturer. Dropshipping eliminates the storage phase, allowing the seller to purchase bulk goods individually and then sell them for profit on the Internet.

E-commerce sites, such as eBay and Amazon, allow sellers to place their listings in front of a large audience with minimal processing costs.

How does dropshipping work on eBay?


There are millions of products on eBay, but did you know that many sellers who are on eBay never process or store products that they sell online themselves?

Instead, they ship their products from another online retailer, often at a wholesale price, they place these products in their own eBay store. Many sellers use the comfort of accurate images, product names, and descriptions provided by their suppliers.

After the sale is completed, the dropshipper will complete the order through its dealer company, which will deliver the goods directly to your customer.

Since the goods are delivered directly to your customers, you, as a dropshipper, simply act as an intermediary between the supplier and the consumer, buying products in bulk and selling them at a bargain retail price on eBay.

Dropshipping is permitted on eBay, provided that the seller guarantees delivery within 30 days after the end of the listing. Although the delivery time and quality of the
goods and not under the direct control of the seller, eBay holds them fully responsible.

Anyone with an eBay seller account can start dropshipping on eBay! You should start by choosing products to sell and then find them from a wholesaler or other supplier who can guarantee fast and reliable delivery.

You will not see huge earnings in just a few sales; The key to successful dropshipping is volume. Most
dropshippers only have a few dollars per sale.

Factors such as pricing, marketing efforts, and timing can create or destroy your dropshipping strategy.

The biggest advantage of having a dropshipping store is that you don’t need to own the products you sell
before putting them up for sale.

Once you have chosen a reliable supplier to fulfill your orders, simply create your listings on eBay and decide

when to place them, how to advertise and what price level, in your opinion, will provide you with
the highest sales and profits.

After you knead Tite their products on eBay, and sales will begin, your next priority will be to create and maintain an incredible reputation in your X client s, fulfilling their orders quickly and solving any problems that may arise.

Dropshipping on eBay: Pros and Cons

It’s simple. Dropshipping on eBay is as simple as and creation of accounting recording and will build off its lane Vågå listing. There is no need to face the hassle and expense of creating your own online store or e-commerce blog.

Less need s of marketing. Your listings on eBay will be shown to millions of online shoppers, which will save you time and money on marketing, SEO and paid traffic.

More traffic with less effort. A much larger audience allows you to simplify sales and get the best prices for your products.


Listing fees. eBay charges a small listing commission (the first 50 listings per month are free ), as well as up to 10 percent of the total selling price (known as the “final cost commission”). Together with the already small profit at the expense of dropshipping these fees can quickly accumulate. Keep in mind that volume is the key to making money on dropshipping.

Fewer settings. Selling products on eBay is a great way to start an online business, but fewer customization options for your store and listings can make it harder to keep up with your competitors.

Frequent monitoring is required. You need to stay at the top of the search results list if you want to keep the amount needed to earn on sales on eBay. Available online tools to help you simplify the process of re-listing.

Ultimately, it’s up to you where you want to spend most of your time and effort, but for many sellers, dropshipping on eBay is a simple and effective way to make money.

Here are our top tips for starting a business on ebay.

8 tips for eBay dropshipping

  1. Minimize your workings

Loading the Big volume is the key to gaining a competitive advantage and making money with dropshipping on eBay , as the profit margin is usually very small, often just a few dollars per sale. Internet sellers try to sell as much as possible in a short period of time. Large volume means more work, as you must process and execute each listing individually.

To simplify this process and reduce the load, find products that can be published as a listing with multiple units. Thus, you will need to make a listing of only once, giving time to take care of the IP Status Closed orders and process a refund if necessary. Remember to set a longer duration for these listings on eBay to avoid having to resubmit .

2. Keep price control

The reason millions of online shoppers come to eBay every day is the ability to get the best price for the products they buy. This can be a problem for dropshipperov, because even though the final sale price may fluctuate, the supplier may vzimat s fixed cost, no matter what.

In addition, listing fees plus a percentage of the final selling price (up to 10 percent) are
required for eBay listings , which can lead to a decrease in your profit.

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your profit. When dropshipping on eBay, you have the opportunity to establish a Buy It Now listing that offers
your product at a fixed price, which means that you can get the desired profit.

Another advantage of using the Buy Now option is that the billing fee is fixed, often at a lower price, regardless of whether you create an eBay listing for one or more items .

If you still want your eBay customers to bid on your products, which can lead to higher profits, you can try setting a reserve price. This is the minimum price that the seller is willing to accept for such an auction.

Based on the price of the reserve, listing fees and final costs will vary, so be sure to change your reserve price accordingly. This feature provides better returns, but can disappoint online shoppers as the reserve price will not be visible to the buyer.

The best way to control profit margins is to set a high starting rate that will cover fixed costs. Be sure to consider your supplier’s expenses (including shipping,
taxes, etc. ), as well as listing and final costs on eBay.

You can calculate the potential fees for your eBay list by checking their commission calculator.

3. Ensure Availability

Thousands of people make money through dropshipping on eBay because it eliminates the need to keep inventory, but it can also lead to some setbacks. One of the biggest mistakes that can make dropshippery – it is not the

knowledge of what products they put on eBay, are still available.

This mistake becomes unpleasant for online shoppers, repelling potential regular customers and creating financial difficulties for you.

Avoid the pitfalls of selling discontinued products or items that are not in stock, often checking your suppliers ’inventory to see what’s in stock and when their stores will leave soon due to small quantities.

Collecting daily reports from your suppliers will help you maintain a reputation as a fast and reliable seller with your customers.

Remember that your business needs a reputation to stand out from the competition, and dissatisfied customers can quickly put your store on the brink of closure.

4. Ensure compliance

You are convinced that the goods exhibited are available; t EPER it’s time to please your customers, fulfilling all orders quickly and efficiently. Reputation is all that you have on eBay, where millions of online sellers compete for sales every day, so be sure to keep track of timely completion.

The biggest problem with fulfilling orders is that not everything is in your hands. You can give customers orders to their supplier, but it is he should perform them.

If your supplier is unreliable, it’s time to move on to a different supply source.

A reliable supplier will not only monitor the fast delivery of goods but will also keep you updated on the status of your orders, informing you of potential delays or problems so that you can pass on information to your customers.

Problems inevitably will be originated amb from time to time, but maintain contact with your customers and suppliers will minimize any potential negative feedback.

5. Beware of unreliable suppliers

You can find countless suppliers online, but many dropshippers cannot properly analyze or evaluate who they choose before trying to make sales on eBay. This mistake can quickly lead to consequences in the form of late deliveries and poor-quality goods shipped.

Remember that customers do not contact your supplier for what they want – they want you to provide them in time with the goods for which they paid, and they will be of
the expected quality.

Even if the supplier is mistaken with the order, the customer sees only you and will accordingly respond with negative reviews or complaints on eBay. Services such as online catalogs can save you time by offering lists of suppliers that are pre-tested for quality and reliability.

6. Build a good relationship

Getting loyal customers is a great way to provide high returns for dropshipping. The key to getting your online shoppers to come back to you for future purchases is to build and maintain good relationships with your customers.

Building a strong reputation begins with the steps already mentioned: ensuring the accessibility of the goods that you exhibit, working only with reliable, honest suppliers, and constant prompt execution of orders.

If you encounter any problems, please let your m customers quickly and professionally. Avoid harsh or emotional reactions, even if an annoyed client attacks you.

Bad feelings will disappear, but all these disgusting reviews will remain. Try to give each of your customers the most positive experience, and you will quickly create a loyal base of regular customers.

7. Set up the timing for your ads

Like everything else in life, time is everything. When setting up an auction, the day of the week and time of day can have a significant impact on your sales.

The deadlines for your listing on eBay around peak hours of traffic seem to be the most obvious solution. High traffic

means more potential viewers, which can lead to faster sales and greater profits.

However, placement during peak periods also means increased competition, as well as the likelihood that your potential buyers will not be able to bid on your listing at all due to the low speed of the site.

This is especially harmful when the auction ends. It’s hard to make money when your customers can’t even get on your listing on time !

Balance is the key to timing eBay auctions. Consider the best time to place your products and end auctions.

One of the key factors to consider is your targeted demography: who will be most interested in your product? When do these customers usually shop online?

For example, on Saturdays and
Sundays from 4 . and until 7pm PST, usually the highest periods of traffic on eBay, but more tech-savvy customers may prefer to avoid this time in order to secure a more successful auction bid.

Think about who can buy your product and what are their activity schedules.

Look at the history of each listing on eBay to determine the best dates for future products. See when your products experience peak traffic and identify patterns.

8. Ensure traceability

Most of the time, making sure your eBay customers can track the package is very simple. Just share your UPS, FedEx, or USPS tracking numbers with them. It gets harder when you submit an order from Amazon and this order is delivered using Amazon Logistics.

Amazon Logistics shipments are those that are actually shipped by Amazon, not UPS,
FedEx, etc. , and usually have a tracking number starting with TBA followed by 12 numbers.

The problem with these deliveries is that, since you need to log in to your Amazon account to keep track of your customers on eBay is not a can track them.

In addition, eBay does not consider Amazon TBA tracking numbers to be valid. If you need to prove that the goods were delivered during a dispute with a buyer on eBay, you cannot do this because eBay or the buyer cannot track the shipment of Amazon Logistics.

The best way to keep track of your shipments is to work directly with suppliers, and not get products from places like Amazon, where there are similar difficulties. Online catalogs such as SaleHoo can help with this by providing you with lists of trusted suppliers.